Identifying the key formula to regenerate a brand

The Context

Brand wishes to challenge the leadership of the first serum on the market

The Challenge

To explore the usage of serum, to identify the best formula amongst 3, and the ideal communication mix

Our Approach

F2F individual interviews, in-home test of several formulae, digital experience feedback, paper diary and groups to test concepts and packs

The Results

Identification of 2 key products to renew the range

Exploratory : diving into the context to capture insights


Today’s consumers are well-informed, courted from all sides and constantly changing: we help you identify and characterize the key rules of your category, and the expectations and desires of your clients and prospects

  • Ethnographies and pen portraits
  • Precision understanding of all aspects of an issue
  • Market mapping and segmentation
  • Trends analysis
  • Persona communities

Example Ripolin

How to boost the dynamics in White Paints ?

14 filmed ethnographic interviews at home, cultural analysis of White, filmed interviews with decorators/experts on new trends, quantitative research in specialist stores, positioning recommendations for the brand and its mix

Lead time: 5 weeks of fieldwork

Innovation & concept lab: co-creation with multiple sources of inspiration


Our Design Thinking approaches enable us to guide you in your innovation processes. We open the doors to the creative process to everyone (employees, clients or creatives) who want to build tomorrow with you.

  • Expert contributions
  • Trend books
  • Ideation workshop facilitation
  • Crowdsourcing leadership
  • Integrated analysis of various sources of new ideas
  • Concept design, concept writing – Concept labs


Win over the urban, digital-savvy mum, in a market polarized between Pampers and private labels

Digital exploratory with influencer mums and in-home, video-recorded ethnographic interviews; concept lab to create the offer; tests

Marketing Mix test: combining complementary points of view


Whether it’s for innovation, renovation or revolution, we help you to assess, optimise and select the best mix for your brand or product. Our analytical approach is to examine customer discourse in relation to the actual experience, in order to establish typologies leading to the development of precise operational responses.

  • Diaries and pre-tasks, at home and/or in store
  • Mix diagnostic
  • Product placement and feedback
  • Tests of new products / concepts
  • Packaging tests

Example L'Oréal

C & U : which deodorant for tomorrow ?

Exploratory in individual interviews with 20 women: home product test, digital logbook, call back

Delay : 4 weeks

Customer experience: getting as close as possible to customer journeys


We reveal the customer experience -- physical as well as digital – based on a thorough understanding of what happens at various touchpoints, through observation and questioning

  • Shopper research
  • Website and app test
  • Touchpoint satisfaction barometer
  • Immersive exploratory research on customer experience
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Store concept test

Example SNCF

What phygital strategy for the future ?

For both sales and information counters, in train stations of various sizes across France: observations, interviews with employees, flash interviews with customers, in-facility face-to-face interviews. Presentation of results followed by a workshop to generate ideas on the future of different touchpoints.

Lead time: 5 weeks

Image Audit: a holistic view


A brand is a modern totem – federating, recognised and unifying for employees, for customers and for partners. The challenge is knowing how to sculpt the brand’s contours, its messages, the experience it offers and the vision behind it, in order to ensure total engagement. Our creative approach is usually based on employee participation, with the use of our digital tools, to facilitate decision-making and internal ownership.

  • Definition of the brand platform
  • Re-positioning of the messages and rallying cry
  • Brand and range architecture diagnostic
  • Analysis of brand extension scope
  • Reputation diagnostic

Example Aviva

How reputation really impacts business growth in the insurance market ?

Advise on whether or not it is opportune for Aviva to invest in a heavy reputation-building strategy. Focus groups with customers and employees; IDIs with stakeholders (agents, brokers, journalists, unions, etc.)

Lead time: 4 weeks

Name Creation


Our ambition is to help you define the keys of success of a new brand on a market and to identify and test relevant creative routes. Our Name Creation know-how is built on tested complementary competences.

  • Semiological analysis & benchmarking of the brands of the universe
  • Creative workshop
  • Creation of lists of names
  • Copyright searches
  • Test of names and logos

Example Veolia

Creation of a Vivendi subsidiary, dedicated to environmental services, listed on the stock exchange.

Strategic analysis and writing of a name creation brief; creation of several dozen names; legal validations; presentation to Comex; consulting in selection and launch of the name.

Lead time : 7 weeks

Communication test: new media, new approaches

Communication today is multi-channel and increasingly digital. This means brands have to make their messages shorter and more impactful -- and, for some categories, more emotional.

  • Identification of advertising insights
  • Test of multimedia campaign
  • Semiological study

Example St Michel

Development of an advertising campaign and marketing operation on Snapchat, aimed at upper primary and middle school children

2 groups, each 2 hours long: test of the main campaign (stories), titles/names, activation operation, games, filters, a mini-website; validation of the operation’s consistency with the current TV advertising

Lead time : 4 weeks

Consumer days: assisting you in your consumer-centric process

Today, brands and companies are increasingly consumer-centric. We make it possible for you to meet your consumers through innovative immersion techniques.

  • Ethnographic go-alongs
  • Training days for consumer listening & observation
  • Co-creation days: brand / consumers

Example Ontex

2-phase Consumer Day for developing an innovation platform for 2020

Phase 1: Ethnographic discovery days with 8 mums, filmed at home, and international crowdsourcing to generate fresh ideas; Phase 2: 1 day creativity workshop in Brussels with 20 co-workers from different departments and countries, with talks by 2 hygiene and Gen Z experts, concept development with illustrations, assessment in France and in the UK (4 groups in each country)

Lead time : 12 weeks