Innovating in a “start-up mode”

The Context

Developing a true innovation on the mature market of baby diapers

The Challenge

Small team, only 10 months to create and develop everything, and a limited budget

Our Approach

Phase 1: Concept Lab with a digital exploratory amongst influencer mums, client/agencies workshop to write concepts and evaluate them in focus groups with digital mums ;

Phase 2: Focus groups with digital mums and some influencers, to evaluate the marketing mix (how subscription works, name, logo and slogan, on-line advertisement, product design, price…)

The Results

Initiated in September 2017, Little Big Change was successfully launched in July 2018;

the number of subscribers is in line with objectives; NPS is above 40 ;

the on-line ad has been viewed more than 2 millions times in 6 months, is widely shared, and has even aired on TV;

engagement on social media is 5 to 10% (likes, shares, comments) and overwhelmingly positive;

brand currently explores opportunities to launch in other countries than France.