The consumer of tomorrow doesn’t exist yet

Ten years ago the sharing economy didn’t exist.  If you had unwanted kitchen appliances or wardrobe items you couldn’t sell them online.  There was carpooling with co-workers, but no ride sharing apps.   And there was no crowdfunding to get your new project off the ground … Generation Z is just now coming of age.  These digital natives who have never known a world without Internet and social networks are going to show us a whole new way of doing things.

With our Businessflair Trendbook, Adwise closely monitors the environment to detect the latest consumer trends, identify new targets, spot emerging attitudes and uncover fresh know-how, offers and innovations to enable you to form a picture of your consumer of tomorrow.

Survey respondents record their diaries using our online ethnography platform.  In parallel, we use traditional, observation-based ethnographic methods in order to read between the lines and get beyond rational declarative discourse.

Questioning consumers at key moments of the product experience enables us to pick up the emotional remanence of this experience.  Our techniques get consumers to examine their own practices from a critical perspective and explore their core reasonings.

We want to give you the keys to understanding your customers and to enriching your possibilities by enabling you to approach issues from a variety of angles.